As a tour operator, we are concerned about responsible tourism by ensuring that we get involved in nature conservation and the protection of environment. In the course of our operations, we realized that there is very little forest cover around Lake Victoria regions and the neighboring communities. Human encroachment in the forests has negatively impacted on agricultural activities in this region. Rainfall patterns are also dwindling and are unpredictable. The region is experiencing uncontrolled soil erosion any time it falls, animal habitats have been destroyed and since the top soil is being swept to the Lake during the rainy seasons, the communities have not reaped much produce from their farms. The schools nearby have not been spared either. School compounds equally lack tree cover.To prevent such further occurrences in the future and to help the communities regain their lost glory around Lake Victoria, we came up with a project called GREEN COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE.

In this project, we started by developing simple tree seedlings of gravellier, blue gum and some other indigenous trees which we gave out to a few capable and serious individuals to plant. Currently, we have expanded and have also started raising many and a variety of tree seedlings including grafted Mangoes and oranges, Lemons,paw paws, passion fruits e.t.cThe plan is to distribute these seedlings to the communities and schools around through organized groups such as CBOs which we have also partnered with.