Many leisure seekers and holiday makers often ask themselves a number of questions concerning their holiday trips before they decide and settle on the one that will satisfy their interests. Questions like; ’If I go on a holiday, which places do I need to visit for game viewing? And do the places have nice accommodation? What type of accommodation? What about food? What other entertainments do they offer? Which type of vehicle do I need to reach there? What amount of money do I need? What requirements do I need to fulfill? These are just a few and general questions but the nature and the type of questions will depend on an individual and all these will be smartly answered by BOULEVARD ADVENTURES AND HOLIDAYS.


Business travelers are also not left behind in their quest to ensure that the answers to their questions are well answered and that at the end of their business meetings, their aims and objectives are well met. Conference facilities will feature prominently in their plans. And after the meeting, would probably need to relax and take an adventure for a couple of days. We welcome Volunteers in any fields to contact us for answers to any questions they may have. Volunteers interested in education, medical fields, agriculture and food security, environmental and nature conservation and wildlife conservation also have adventure needs which we shall be glad to help them meet. Consult with BOULEVARD ADVENTURES AND HOLIDAYS.

We do believe in customer satisfaction and a wonderful safari adventure experience from the very time our clients set foot on African soil to the last minute they have a taste of a cool breeze back in their home country-It is a true home away from home experience and we provide it to meet our clients expectations. Making us achieve the above aims are our staff. The tour consultants have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in weaving trips together.

Our tour and driver guides are fluent in English. The services we provide are of diversity and customers can find all their travel needs under one roof hence:

-hotel/lodges bookings,

-camping/lodge safaris,

-car hire services,


-special beach holidays,


-transfers from/to the airport

- Interest tours

-arranging conferences.

Since Africa is well endowed with great bio-diversity we can present many innovative offers knowing that wildlife, its ecology and environment is the major attraction for visitors to Africa. We are committed to supporting conservation efforts. The success of tourism in a country like Kenya depends entirely on its heritage of unique natural habitats and outstanding phenomena .Boulevard Adventures realizes that it is important to play a role in ensuring that all those things currently enjoyed by our visitors to Africa remain unspoiled for those who come in the future.

Therefore we are welcoming you to meet Kenyans and feel their warmth since Kenya enjoys peace and political stability that has paved way for thousands of visitors to enjoy memorable holidays every year.